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Regular tree care and maintenance by our expert team give your trees optimal health throughout their lives. We begin with an analysis of your trees’ health, diagnosing any issues that could be a problem, and deploying a plan to tackle this. Our regular tree maintenance services keep your trees looking their best.

Through regular fertilization and care of the surrounding soil supporting your trees, we make sure they have the best possible environment to thrive. We conduct regular inspections to check for invasive pests and debilitating diseases and perform the proper treatments to protect your trees. If storm damage occurs, we provide cabling and bracing as well as damage repair and debris cleanup.



    Planting young trees is a great start to enhancing the beauty and value of your property. But young trees require regular maintenance to ensure they develop well. Palfrey Tree Services offer to trim and pruning programs that help your new trees as they grow.

    Mature trees shouldn’t be neglected. While they may look beautiful, there could be rotting or damaged limbs that require removal for safety reasons.

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    As sad as it is, sometimes mature trees become so damaged by storms, insects, or diseases that they require removal. It is the responsible decision to ensure property safety. Severely compromised trees are a very real hazard in extreme weather.

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