ScienceDaily recently cited a study estimating that over the next 30 years, 1.4 million street trees will be killed by invasive insects. To protect your mature trees, you need professional arborist services. These highly trained experts can help you combat any significant threats and ensure your trees thrive for decades. 

Protecting your southeast landscape from invasive bugs and harmful diseases is paramount to securing its future. The seasoned arborists at Pelfrey Tree Company share here their insights into regional tree threats, what the signs of damage look like, and the keys to prevention. 

Common Southeast Tree Pests and Diseases 

The South is riddled with hidden menaces, like oak wilt and the southern pine beetle, which quickly lay siege to even the most robust trees. Pecan scab can ravage beloved nut trees and dogwood, and anthracnose disfigures our gorgeous flowering specimens.  

More than just everyday annoyances, these familiar foes can spell doom for entire tree populations if left unchecked.  

What Does It Look Like When Trees Have Pests or Disease? 

If you notice telltale signs like leaf discoloration or sap-filled wounds, you’ve got problems. Serpentine tunnels beneath the bark may indicate emerald ash borer infestation. Spotting the early warning signs is not a DIY project, however. It’s crucial to get a professional assessment by a certified arborist. 

Benefits of Using Certified Arborists for Insect Pest Control 

Enlisting the help of a certified arborist means you have a powerful ally in fighting pests and diseases. In addition to knowledgeable detection and diagnosis, they can perform pesticide application, comprehensive tree health checks, and integrated pest management plans to keep your trees robust well into the future.  

Tree Pest and Disease Control FAQ 

Q- Why do my tree leaves look so discolored? 

A- Common culprits are aphids, which turn leaves yellow, or fungus that causes spotted leaves. Check under the leaves, around the bark, and in the soil for unusual growths or pests. If you find anything unusual, contact a local arborist for treatment. 

Q- How can I tell if bugs on my tree are friend or foe? 

A- Not all insects are your enemy. Examine your tree closely to see what they are doing. They may not be benign if they munch leaves or cause sap bubbles. However, if you see ladybugs or wasps, leave them where they are. They’re eating the damaging pests around your tree that could cause harm.   

Q- How can I prevent pests and diseases from attacking my trees?  

A- Prevention is everything! Regular check-ups and prevention strategies deployed by a certified arborist can keep your trees healthy and strong. 


DIY methods for attacking invasive pests can backfire by harming your beautiful trees. Hiring a certified arborist for cost-effective insect and disease control can pay dividends in the future by saving money on hazardous tree removal.  

Bugged by Tree Invaders? Call the Licensed Arborists at Pelfrey Tree Company 

The value of investing in certified arborist pest management cannot be overstated. Pelfrey Tree Company is dedicated to the health and longevity of every tree. We utilize advanced tree care science to provide arborist pest care solutions to safeguard your landscape assets.  

As seasoned professionals, we respect nature’s balance while keeping damaging invaders away from your trees, ensuring their long-term health and beauty. 

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