According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 200 tree-related fatal injuries annually in the United States. Many of these deaths could have been avoided with regularly scheduled hazardous tree evaluations that identify problems before the worst happens. Schedule tree risk assessment keeps everyone safer.

The team at Pelfree Tree Company values the importance of maintaining safe, thriving trees in our communities. Our experienced arborists continue to help property owners, urban planners, and developers identify and address potential tree emergencies for the secure sustainability of living and working spaces.

Is Your Tree Dangerous?

Identifying hazardous trees is crucial to protect your property and the people around it every day. Falling limbs from old or damaged trees can cause significant damage, as can uprooted trees in severe weather.

Urban planners, homeowners, and property developers should prioritize seasonal tree safety checks to head off any signs of weakness or decay.

Why Is Tree Risk Assessment Important?

The hidden dangers of old trees are many. To prevent emergency tree risk situations, allow professional tree risk assessment teams to conduct regular inspections. You’ll enjoy healthy trees with aesthetic appeal and increased property value.

Tree risk mitigation protects your home and landscaping structures from potential damage or destruction. Investing in a thorough tree hazard evaluation will save time, money, and possible legal consequences in the long run.

Types of Tree Risk Evaluation

Of the many methods used to evaluate tree risks, the most commonly used are visual, basic, and advanced assessments. Read on for a closer description of each method.

Limited Visual Assessments

A limited visual assessment is just that: a quick scan of a property’s trees to locate any potential risks. It’s a “first look” screening for residential tree risk identification with no further in-depth analysis. This type of assessment is generally conducted as part of a broader inspection or when time constraints are present.

Basic Assessments

A qualified arborist conducts a basic assessment that includes an official assessment checklist. It involves visual inspection techniques and tools like a bark mallet to pinpoint hollow or decayed areas inside the tree. This type of assessment is ideal for homeowners and small-scale projects to get a general overview of tree health.

Advanced Assessments

By far the most in-depth tree threat analysis, this method is conducted by a qualified arborist using specialized tools like tomography equipment or resistographs to detect internal defects or structural problems in the tree.

This assessment type is essential for property developers or urban planners.


Professional tree risk inspections are crucial to identify potential hazards and develop mitigation strategies. Investing in expert assessment services ensures the safety and well-being of people and property.

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Safety comes from comprehensive inspections to identify potential risks early so you avoid future costly damage or injuries. However, identifying hazardous trees is only a small part of what we do to keep your trees looking and feeling their best. Our services include pruning and trimming, removals, storm preparation, stump removal, stump grinding, mulching, and much more! With Pelfrey Tree Company, your trees are in expert hands.

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