The Best Residential Tree Services in Penny Farms

As you walk around your residential property, do you see problems with your trees? In our busy lives, we normally just walk past our trees into the backyard to relax or grill. But take a moment to look closely at your trees and see if they might need some maintenance. Do you notice loose or broken branches from that last big storm? Are their insects crawling all over the bark? Are there patches of missing bark?

All of these indicators let you know your trees need help. A professional arborist can detect the specific problems with your trees and apply solutions to restore them to good health. In Penny Farms there’s only one name you need to know. Just call us. We’re Pelfrey Tree Services.

Expert Tree Trimming & Pruning

Our highly skilled team has more than a decade of experience helping clients maintain their trees and help them stay strong and beautiful. We can help you too! Our team arrives on-site to conduct a thorough assessment, then creates a maintenance plan to treat insect infestations, diseases, or damage.

Our full list of services includes analysis and diagnosis of disease, detection of pests or rodent damage, fertilization and soil treatment, cabling, bracing, storm damage cleanup, debris removal, tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, and complete tree management plans.

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