Outstanding Residential Tree Services in Pass Station

One of the things that enhances residential properties the most is beautiful, mature trees. As a centerpiece in your landscaping, they are majestic and proud; providing shade and interest around your home. But trees shouldn’t be neglected if you want them to remain as beautiful as they are now. They require proper care and maintenance to stay healthy and strong. If tree care is neglected they could become vulnerable to insect invasion, disease, or rodent damage.

For more than a decade the expert arborists at Pelfrey Tree Services have provided top-rated tree services in the Pass Station region. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners keep their trees looking and feeling their best. We can help you too!

Professional Tree Trimming & Tree Removal

Tree management involves so many things. It can be tree health analysis, insect or disease assessment and treatment, as well as trimming and pruning. Our highly skilled and experienced team arrives on-site to inspect your trees before creating a management plan that ensures tree health for decades to come. If your tree has lived past its healthy date, we provide safe tree removal.

Our full list of services includes tree disease diagnostics, soil care and fertilization, insect or rodent damage repair, cabling, bracing, tree trimming, storm damage cleanup, debris removal, and full tree management plans.

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