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Is there anything more beautiful than a property with mature trees? We don’t think so! Healthy trees offer valuable benefits like shade and oxygen as well as an increased property value. But they only provide these benefits if they are well maintained.

For more than 10 years, Pelfrey Tree Services has provided excellent arborist services in the greater Nashville region. Our highly skilled team has the necessary expertise to keep your trees looking and feeling their best.

Our Tree Services

Ensuring a tree’s optimal health is what we’re all about. From our analysis and diagnostics services to tree pruning, we maintain your trees throughout their long life span.

We start with the basics, such as fertilization and care of the soil surrounding your trees. We perform regular inspections for invasive pests and debilitating diseases. Then our team creates a plan to address these problems before they can harm your trees.

If one or more of your trees has suffered storm damage, we provide cabling and bracing services as well as damage repair and debris cleanup.

Tree Trimming

As young trees grow they require regular trimming and pruning to grow straight and strong. Our team offers professional services to ensure your trees develop beautifully.

And don’t forget your mature trees! Regular trimming and pruning ensure there are no safety issues from damaged or rotting limbs.

Tree Removal

Older properties often have trees that are decades old. If they have not been properly maintained they could be damaged beyond what an arborist can do to save them. Dying trees are a very real safety hazard in the event of severe storms. Loose or broken limbs can fly off in high winds and damage your surrounding property.

If our team’s assessment of your damaged tree recommends removal, we provide this service under the safest conditions by trained professionals.

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