Key Details to Include in a Tree Planting and Maintenance Contract

Tree planting and maintenance contracts are agreements between a client and a contractor where the contractor agrees to plant, maintain, and care for trees on the client’s property. These contracts are essential for ensuring trees’ health and longevity, providing a range of environmental, social, and economic benefits. In this article, we will discuss the service details that are typically included in a tree planting and maintenance contract.

Site Assessment and Tree Selection

Site assessment is the first step in any tree planting and maintenance contract. The contractor will evaluate the site’s soil quality, sunlight exposure, drainage, and other factors affecting tree growth. Based on this assessment, the contractor will recommend tree species that are well-suited to the site’s conditions. The client will have the final say in selecting trees, but following the contractor’s recommendations is essential to ensure the trees thrive.

Tree Planting

Once the trees have been selected, the contractor will plant them according to industry best practices. This includes digging a hole deep enough to accommodate the tree’s root ball, backfilling with soil appropriate for the site, and adding mulch around the tree to help retain moisture. The contractor will also stake the tree if necessary to provide support during the early stages of growth.

Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is critical for ensuring the trees’ health and longevity. The contractor will establish a maintenance schedule that includes pruning, fertilizing, and pest management. Pruning involves removing dead or damaged branches and shaping the tree to promote healthy growth. Fertilizing is adding nutrients to the soil to encourage healthy growth. Pest management involves identifying pests that could harm the tree.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, a tree may need removal due to disease, damage, or safety concerns. The contractor will include details regarding tree removal procedures in the contract, including how the tree will be cut down and disposed of Liability and Insurance

Tree planting and maintenance can be dangerous work, so it’s essential to include details about liability and insurance in the contract. The contractor should carry liability insurance to cover any damage that may occur during the project, as well as workers’ compensation insurance to cover any injuries that may occur to the contractor’s employees.

Payment Terms

Payment terms should also be included in the contract. This consists of the project’s total cost and a breakdown of the expenses for each phase of the project (such as site assessment, tree planting, and maintenance). The contract should also include a payment schedule, typically including an initial deposit, progress payments, and a final payment once the project is complete.

In summary, a tree planting and maintenance contract should include a site assessment, tree selection, tree planting, tree maintenance, tree removal, liability and insurance details, and payment terms. By having these details in the contract, the client and contractor can establish clear expectations for the project and ensure the trees are well cared for. A record of these contracts as well as a record of the land is always a good thing to have. This is often valuable to later land owners. To find out more about land records and your trees history, check out this article HERE.

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