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Trees are a wonder of nature. They provide shade and oxygen for living and beauty for enjoying. Having beautiful, mature trees on your residential property is also something that adds value to your property over time. Taking care of your trees is an investment that pays dividends for decades.

For more than 10 years, Pelfrey Tree Services has provided outstanding arboricultural services in the greater Atlanta region. Our highly skilled arborists have the expertise necessary to keep a watchful eye on your trees as they grow to maturity, ensuring they are healthy and strong.

Our Tree Services

Our expert team of arborists provides professional services that help your trees reach their magnificent potential. From analysis and diagnostics to full management plans, our full range of maintenance services will keep your trees looking their best.

We begin with fertilization and care for the soil feeding your trees and continue by inspecting for invasive pests and debilitating diseases. We treat and trim as necessary for optimum tree health.

Should your trees suffer storm damage, we provide cabling and bracing, damage repair, and debris cleanup.

Tree Trimming

All trees, from youth to maturity, require periodic trimming to look and feel their best. Starting a regular trimming maintenance program for young trees is essential to give them the space and direction for maturity.

Mature trees need special care, too. Regular trimming to remove dead branches and damaged limbs helps with safety concerns while thinning reduces wind resistance and density.

Tree Removal

If severe storms, invasive insects, or diseases have damaged your tree beyond an arborist’s ability to rectify the situation, tree removal is the safest decision. Once a tree becomes severely compromised, it is a danger to its surroundings.

Our specialists perform this hazardous work under the strictest safety standards and leave the area clean and safe for your family.

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